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Johanna Nurmi

Social Psychology, Education

Johanna Nurmi

Johanna Nurmi
Social Psychology, Education
Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research

Johanna Nurmi is a Social Psychology student, teacher and pianist originally from Helsinki, Finland.

In GFMER Johanna Nurmi is contributing to the preparations of an on-line course about mHealth approaches for sexual and reproductive health i.e. medicine and public health supported by mobile communication devices (see mHealth for Sexual and Reproductive Health - Heli Bathija). She is developing study material on psycho-social aspects of mHealth and recommendations for "mHealth for Sexual and Reproductive Health: Online training course organized by GFMER" based on a literature search on previous projects. These goals meet two current research areas of Social Psychology in the University of Helsinki: Social Psychology of Health and Information technology.

Johanna Nurmi started her studies in Sibelius-Academy and completed a music education diploma in Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia in 2008 as well as a pedagogical teacher training studies in Haaga-Helia University of Applied sciences.

Studying education and working as a teacher brought about a growing interest in the interaction and the well-being of the student and led her to concentrate on these areas in her thesis about Theraplay-method in music education. She continued her studies in Social Psychology at the University of Helsinki and at the University of Geneva.

At the faculty of Social Sciences Johanna Nurmi explored also anthropology, sociology and development studies and got acquainted with a wider societal perspective. This made her hope to use her knowledge on pedagogy and interaction to contribute to change of communities and promotion of human rights.

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    "The main areas of social psychological theory include the interactions between social and individual development, the formation and change of attitudes, beliefs and social consciousness, the shaping of personality and identity in society, the regularities of interpersonal face-to-face interaction, small group processes and intergroup relations."
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