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Yordanos Belayneh Molla

Yordanos Belayneh Molla

Yordanos Belayneh Molla
Public Health Consultant for IC in the National Health Sector Development Program, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Participant to the Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research - Geneva 2009
Société Médicale Beaulieu scholarship

Participated as research assistant in:

  • “Assessment of Magnitude and Prevalence of Fistula in rural Ethiopia” organized by Addis Ababa University and Fistula Hospital.
  • “National HIV/AIDS Related Health Facility Survey” organized by the Federal Ministry of Health and the Department of Community Health of Addis Ababa University in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), and Engender Health.
  • “National Behaviour Surveillance Survey’’ second phase assessment organised by Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA).
  • "National Assessment of Youth Friendly Services in Ethiopia'' organized by the Federal Ministry of Health and UNICEF.
  • “Baseline Survey of Model Kebeles in Amhara Region” organized by HCP (Health Communication Partnership).
  • “Material Pre-test for STI Management” organized by PSI Ethiopia.
  • “Material Pre-test for Loop Re-vitalization” organized by Engender-Health Ethiopia.
  • “Baseline Surveys to Asses the Health, Water and Agriculture Related Issues at Ewa Wereda” organized by Afar Region Health Bureau.
  • “Assessment of the Effect of Safety-net Program on HIV Transmission” in Gubalafto Woreda of Amhara Region; organized by Save the Children UK.
  • “Pre-test of Advertisements on Religious Tolerance” organized by Packard.

Area of interest

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health.


Publications (research manuscripts ready for submission)

  • Journal of Youth Studies: Sexual and Reproductive Health Service Utilization of Addis Ababa University Students Based On the Health Belief Model. Y. Belayneh, Y. Melkamu, C. Kabiru.
  • Ethiopian Journal of Health Development: Task shifting of HIV/AIDS services down the professional ladder; current status in Ethiopia and lessons from other African countries. Y. Belayneh, F. Tekola, M. Madeao, C. Resti.


Opening ceremony 2009 Yordanos Belayneh Molla Yordanos Belayneh Molla

Why emergency contraceptives? - Yordanos Belayneh Molla - Ethiopia (Société Médicale Beaulieu scholarship)