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Sudan Fertility Care Association

Dr. N. Abdalla, Sudan Fertility Care Association
P.O. Box 2553 Khartoum-Sudan
Email: nasrabd@hotmail.com
Tel: + 249 123 58430
participant at the Geneva Postgraduate Course in Research Methodology and Reproductive Health

SFCA is a national non-governmental non profit organization. It was established since 1975 by a group of doctors mainly OBGYNs and other professionals in the areas of population health.

Since its inception, SFCA provides maternal and child care and family planning services in a specialised clinic named as a Modern Centre, located in the centre of Khartoum city. In addition, SFCA periodically conducts research in Reproductive health issues. The research findings of the researches continuously published in national and international journals. We continue to design and conduct training programmes for medical and paramedical midwifery cadre. SFCA membership includes medical, paramedical and non-medical personnels who are committed to Reproductive Health programmes in the Sudan.

In 1982, in collaboration with the International Planned Parenthood Federation of America (IPPF-FPIA) SFCA established FP/MCH outreach clinic in a semi-urban area in Khartoum state, where the population is mainly displaced, who are the victims of the civil war in the southern Sudan in addition to drought and desertification.

In 1997, jointly with UNFPA country office in the Sudan, SFCA expanded its RH services in the semi-urban outreach clinic. In 2001, jointly with IPPFA and Packard Foundation, SFCA expanded FP/MCH services in the outskirts of the Khartoum State.

SFCA is planning to example to expand its activities in the area of research and provision of RH services. In order to achieve that SFCA has submitted a draft proposal to UNFPA Sudan for funding a comprehensive RH programmes (2002-2006). SFCA is collaborating with IAMANEH for more than 5 years in post graduate training in medical education and research. SFCA will welcoming and look forward to the future collaboration with the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

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