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Training in Research in Reproductive Health/Sexual Health

Sexual identity disorders

Robert Porto

President, European Federation of Sexology


See also: Gender identity disorders

The aim of this course is to go through the main epidemiological data and diagnostic criteria of transsexualism. We will especially focus on gender identity troubles in the child and the following socio-educative consequences.

We will look at the medico-psychological and social measurements done by the “Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association (HBIGDA)”. The different point of view between latin Europe (France, Italy, Spain…) and north of Europe will be highlighted.

Faced with the attitude of certain authors recommending a pre-puberty pharmacological intervention, it is necessary to be very careful, regarding the psychical changes and vulnerability of the teenager, and considering the fact that, once adult, only a small number of young peoples having gender identity troubles will evolve towards a proved transsexualism.