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Reproductive health: Lecture plan - Sexual health: Lecture plan - List of lecturers

Training in Research in Reproductive Health/Sexual Health 2005

Course files

organised by

the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research,
the UNDP/UNFPA/WHO/World Bank Special Programme for Research in Human Reproduction,
Department of Reproductive Health and Research, Family and Community Health Cluster (WHO/RHR),
the Fonds Universitaire Maurice Chalumeau
the International Association of Maternal and Neonatal Health (IAMANEH)

in collaboration with
the Department of Health of the Canton of Geneva
the Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University
the Geneva Medical Association

Research methodology - Reproductive health - Sexual health

Common course: Research methodology

Lectures (Authors) References
Module: Research methodology - Coordinator: J. Villar
Learning objectives
The Gap Between Evidence and Practice in Maternal Health Care (J. Villar) The Gap Between Evidence and Practice in Maternal Health Care : References (J. Villar)
Maternal and newborn mortality and morbidities. The silent Tsunamis (M. Islam) Maternal mortality : Guidelines, reviews
Research in sexual health: A new area of work for RHR (A. Martin-Hilber) Gender and reproductive rights - Sexual health (WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research)
Epidemiologic studies (M. Merialdi)  
Cohort studies (H. Wolff)  
Case-control studies (H. Wolff)  
Randomized clinical trials (M. Merialdi)  
Cluster randomized trials and equivalence trials (D. Wojdyla)  
Methodological issues in the measurement of maternal mortality and morbidity (A. Betran) Maternal mortality in 2000: Estimates developed by WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA (WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA)
Methodological issues in the use of anthropometry for evaluation of nutritional status (M. Blössner) WHO Global Database on Child Growth and Malnutrition (WHO Department of Nutrition for Health and Development)
Analysis of data from case-control studies (I.M. Malonza)  
Strategies for Data Analysis: Randomized Controlled Trials (D. Wojdyla)  
Strategies for Data Analysis: Cohort and Case-control Studies (I.M. Malonza)  
Screening for obstetrics and intrapartum events (M. Merialdi)  
Research synthesis (M. Gülmezoglu)  
Critical appraisal of research reports (L. Say)  
Systematic reviews of observational data (A. Betran) Systematic reviews of observational data : References (A. Betran)
The Cochrane Collaboration (R. Kulier) Cochrane Library 'Little Gems' (Cochrane Collaboration, National electronic Library for Health)
The WHO Reproductive Health Library (M. Gülmezoglu) The WHO Reproductive Health Library
Chronic pelvic pain (K. Khan) A randomised controlled trial to assess the efficacy of Laparoscopic Uterosacral Nerve Ablation (LUNA) in the treatment of chronic pelvic pain: The trial protocol [ISRCTN41196151]
Dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic pain : Guidelines, reviews
Basics concepts in genetic epidemiology (M. Merialdi)  
Internet and Medline (A. Campana) Internet and Medline : References (A. Campana)
Bibliographic review: writing guidelines for participants (R. Kulier)  
Introduction to Excel, Word and Powerpoint (S. Koppenhoefer)  
Module: Ethics and gender issues - Coordinator: J. Villar
Ethical issues in research - informed consent (E. Vayena) Ethical issues in research – informed consent : References (E. Vayena)
Ethical aspects of reproductive and sexual health (A. Mauron) Ethics, jurisprudence : Guidelines, reviews
Gender, Women's Health, Human Rights (E. Kismodi) Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations)
Beijing+5 (United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women)

Course: Reproductive Health

Lectures (Authors) References
Module: Basic pathophysiological principles - Coordinator: F. Pralong
Fertilisation and implantation (P.G. Bianchi-Movarekhi)  
Puberty (V.M. Schwitzgebel) Puberty : Guidelines, reviews
Hypothalamo - pituitary - gonadal axis (R. Gaillard)  
The menstrual cycle (F. Pralong  
Polycystic ovary syndrome (F. Pralong) Polycystic ovary syndrome : Guidelines, reviews
Endometriosis (D. Chardonnens) Endometriosis : Guidelines, reviews
Oral contraception and the HPG axis (F. Pralong) Oral contraceptives : Guidelines, reviews
Module: Genetics - Coordinator: S. Antonarakis
Genetics module / The Genetics Consultation in Obstetrics and Gynecology: Reproductive Pathologies and Prenatal Diagnosis (M. Gersbach-Forrer) Prenatal screening and diagnosis : Guidelines, reviews
Genetic counselling: Principles and practice (M. Gersbach-Forrer) Monogenic Affections of the Gonadotrope Axis in Humans: References (F. Pralong)
Heredity and cancer : Breast cancer as a model (P.O. Chappuis) Heredity and cancer - References (P.O. Chappuis)
Familial breast cancer : Guidelines, reviews
The human genome project ; its implication for the practice of medicine in the 21st century (S. Antonarakis) Human Genome Project Information (DOEgenomes.org - genome programs of the U.S. Department of Energy)
Module: Family planning - Coordinator: R. Kulier
Learning objectives
Sexual and reproductive health research at WHO (P. van Look) Progress in Reproductive Health Research (HRP)
Programme reports (HRP)
From Contraception to Reproductive Health (G. Benagiano)  
WHO’s Evidence-Based Guidelines for Family Planning (S. Johnson) Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use - Third edition (WHO/RHR)
Contraception in adolescents (H. Bathija) Adolescent contraception : Guidelines, reviews
Levels and Trends in Contraceptive Use (I. Shah) World Contraceptive Use 2003 (United Nations Population Division)
Combined oral contraceptives (E.J. Ezcurra) Combined Oral Contraceptives (ReproLine)
Oral contraceptives : Guidelines, reviews
Natural contraceptive methods (K.M. Vogelsong) Natural Family Planning - Institute for Reproductive Health - Georgetown University
The Billings Ovulation Method
The Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning (NFP) Service
Natural family planning : Guidelines, reviews
Sterilisation (H.B. Peterson) Sterilization : Guidelines, reviews
Immunocontraception (K.M. Vogelsong)  
Male contraception (K.M. Vogelsong) Male contraception, men and family planning : Guidelines, reviews
Preventing unsafe abortion (R. Kulier) Unsafe abortion - Global and regional estimates of the incidence of unsafe abortion and associated mortality in 2000 - 4th edition (WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research)
Induced abortion : Guidelines, reviews
Long-acting contraceptive methods for women (C. d'Arcangues) Contraceptive implants : Guidelines, reviews
Injectable contraceptives : Guidelines, reviews
Future methods of fertility regulation (C. d'Arcangues)  
Module: Infertility, gynaecological endocrinology and menopause - Coordinator: A. Campana
Learning objectives
Infertility and spontaneous abortion (A. Campana) Infertility : Guidelines, reviews
Miscarriage : Guidelines, reviews
Surgical treatment of male infertility (G.A. de Boccard) Infertility : Guidelines, reviews
Assisted reproductive technologies (H. Lucas, T. Elbarbary) Assisted reproductive techniques : Guidelines, reviews
Ethical issues in assisted reproductive technologies (E. Vayena) Current practices and controversies in assisted reproduction - WHO
Ethics, jurisprudence: reproductive techniques : Guidelines, reviews
Menstrual cycle disorders (D. Chardonnens) Menstruation disturbances, female gonadal disorders : Guidelines, reviews
Menopause (G.P. Bianchi Movarekhi) Menopause : Guidelines, reviews
Osteoporosis (R. Rizzoli) Osteoporosis : Guidelines, reviews
Programme for Training and Research in Laparoscopic Surgery - Laparoscopy in developing countries (PDF) - (P. Meyer)  
Module: Genital infections/sexually transmitted infections and cancers - Coordinator: F. Ndowa
Learning objectives
Dual protection: Prevention of unwanted pregnancy and STIs/HIV (K. O’Reilly)  
HIV infection in pregnancy (F. Ndowa) HIV/AIDS in pregnancy and newborn : Guidelines, reviews
Designing and evaluating clinical algorithms for STI case management (F. Ndowa) Sexually transmitted diseases : Guidelines, reviews
Colposcopy (A. Major) Cervical cancer : Guidelines, reviews
Human Papillomavirus Vaccines as a Potential Novel Tool for Global Prevention of Cervical Cancer in Women (S. Pagliusi)  
Palliative care (N. Steiner) Edmonton Regional Palliative Care Program
WHO - Palliative care
Photodynamic diagnosis and therapy (A. Major)  
Module: Obstetrics - Coordinator: J Villar
Learning objectives
Prenatal diagnosis (Ph. Extermann) Prenatal screening and diagnosis : Guidelines, reviews
Prenatal diagnosis : Imaging (Ph. Extermann) Prenatal screening and diagnosis : Guidelines, reviews
Evidence based antenatal care (M. Merialdi) Prenatal care : Guidelines, reviews
Nutritional interventions during pregnancy for the prevention of maternal morbidity, mortality and preterm delivery (M. Merialdi) Prenatal nutrition, dietary supplements in pregnancy : Guidelines, reviews
Impaired fetal growth (M. Mathai) Fetal growth retardation : Guidelines, reviews
WHO global survey on maternal and perinatal health (A. Shah) Obstetrics, perinatology : Guidelines, reviews
Treatment of hypertension in pregnancy (L. Say) Preeclampsia, eclampsia, hypertension in pregnancy : Guidelines, reviews
Obstetric anaesthesia and analgesia (M. Cherian) Obstetrical analgesia and anesthesia : Guidelines, reviews
Prevention and treatment of postpartum haemorrhage (M. Gülmezoglu) Bleeding in pregnancy, placenta diseases, postpartum hemorrhage : Guidelines, reviews
Obstetrical vaginal fistula: Surgical approach (PDF) / Les fistules obstétricales en Afrique : Reconstruction cervico-urétrale avec lambeau de Martius (Video) (C.-H. Rochat) Urogynecology, urinary and fecal incontinence : Guidelines, reviews
Strategy for the elimination of congenital syphilis (N. Broutet) Congenital syphilis : Guidelines, reviews
Making pregnancy safer (R. Kabra) Making Pregnancy Safer (WHO)
Neonatal resuscitation - (D. Woods) Newborn Care Manual - Perinatal Education Programme (D. Woods)

Course: Sexual Health

Lectures (Authors) References
Introduction to the three weeks’ course on sexual health: Sexology history in the XXth century (W. Pasini)  
Changing perspectives in sexual health research (PDF) (S. Hawkes, A Martin-Hilber) Aggleton P. & Parker R. (2002) A conceptual framework and basis for action: HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination. Geneva: UNAIDS.
Wood K. & Aggleton P. (2004) Promoting young people’s sexual and reproductive health: stigma, discrimination and human rights. London: Safe passages to adulthood.
Operations research for sexual health (S. Hawkes) Fisher A.A. and Foreit J.R. (2002) Designing HIV/AIDS Intervention Studies: An Operations Research Handbook. Population Council.
Expanding Capacity for Operations Research in Reproductive Health: Summary Report of a Consultative Meeting. WHO, 2001.
Operations research in sexual and reproductive health (S. Hawkes)  
Ethical and legal issues in sexual health research (PDF) (J. Cottingham, H. Jansen)  
"Putting Women First" Ethical and Safety recommendations for Research on Violence against Women (H. Jansen) "Putting Women First" Ethical and Safety recommendations for Research on Violence against Women. WHO, 2001.
Sexology and Public Health: Introduction (J. Heiman)  
Child sexual abuse: research priorities (A. Phinney) Child abuse : Guidelines, reviews
The Relationship of Adverse Childhood Experiences to Adult Health Status (V.J. Felitti, R.F. Anda)  
Research on child abuse: ethical and methodological aspects (D. Halpérin) Child abuse : Guidelines, reviews
Researching on sexuality for pleasure (D. Medico)  
Studying infections related to sexual health (S. Hawkes)  
Epidemiology of RTIs (S. Hawkes)  
Male contraception (K.M. Vogelsong)  
Microbicides Research and Development: State of the Art (I. Malonza)  
Challenges to measuring violence against women (PDF) (H. Jansen) The WHO Multi-Country Study on Women’s Health and Domestic Violence Against Women
Research in trafficking in women (PDF) (C. Zimmermann) Zimmerman, C. Yun, K, Shvab, L, Watts, C, Trappolin, L, Treppete, M, et. al. (2003). The health risks and consequences of trafficking in women and adolescents. Findings from a European study. London: LSHTM.
Zimmerman, C. & Watts, C. (2003). World Health Organization recommendationss for interviewing trafficked women. London/Geneva: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine/World Health Organization.
Kelly, E. (2002) Journeys of jeopardy: A review of research on trafficking in women and children in Europe.  Geneva: IOM Migration Series, November.
Studying adolescent sexuality and sexual health (H. Bathija) Reproductive Health of Young Adults: Contraception, Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections/HIV. Family Health International
Adolescent sexual and reproductive health. WHO
The Practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and its relation to sexuality (A. Fahmy) Female genital mutilation : Guidelines, reviews
Gender Matters in Public Health Research (S. Abdool)  
Sexual function and dysfunction in men (G.A. de Boccard) Male sexual disorders : Guidelines, reviews
Sexual function and dysfunction in men (W. Pasini) Male sexual disorders : Guidelines, reviews
Sexual identity disorders (PDF) (R. Porto)  
Introduction to qualitative analysis of in-depth interviews (D. Medico)  
Female dyspareunia (A. Campana) Female sexual disorders : Guidelines, reviews
Vulvar diseases : Guidelines, reviews