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From Research to Practice

Training in Sexual Health Research

Geneva 2005

14 February 2005 – 25 March 2005

organised by

the Fonds Universitaire Maurice Chalumeau
the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research -
WHO Collaborating Centre in Education and Research in Human Reproduction,
the Department of Reproductive Health and Research (WHO/RHR),
the Association Inter Hospitalo-Universitaire de Sexologie (A.I.H.U.S)

in collaboration with

the Department of Health of the Canton of Geneva,
the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva,
the Geneva Medical Association

Lecture Plan

Common course: Research methodology

The opening ceremony on 14 February  will be in the EXB room/WHO
Lectures will be held in room M 605 ( 15 February - 25 February)

 Date AM Topic Speaker PM Topic Speaker
February 14 09.00 Organisational matters Organisers; venue: GFMER 14.00 Opening ceremony A Campana
A Martin-Hilber
C Méla
W Pasini
J Philippe
P-A Schneider
P-F Unger
J Villar
ca. 15.30 Welcome cocktail WHO/ Restaurant
February 15 09.00 Introduction to the course J Villar 14.00 Visit of the WHO library  
09.15 Maternal and newborn mortality and morbidities. The silent Tsunamis M Islam
10.00 Research in sexual health A Martin-Hilber
11.00 Sexual health group work: Preliminary project presentations D Medico, N Recordon
February 16 09.00 Epidemiologic studies M Merialdi 14.00 Visit of the CMU library/computer rooms, Internet and Medline A Campana
10.15 Cohort studies H Wolff
11.15 Case-control studies H Wolff
February 17 09.00 Randomized clinical trials M Merialdi 14.00 Introduction to Excel, Word and Powerpoint S Koppenhoefer
10.15 Cluster randomized trials and equivalence trials D Wojdyla 14.30 Computer basics S Koppenhoefer
February 18 09.00 Methodological issues in the measurement of maternal mortality and morbidity A Betran 14.00 Chronic pelvic pain K Khan
11.15 Methodological issues in the use of anthropometry for evaluation of nutritional status M Bloessner
February 21 09.00 Screening for obstetrics and intrapartum events M Merialdi 13.30 Sexual health group work: Specific needs and perspectives related to sexual health in different cultures D Medico, N Recordon
10.15 Ethical issues in research E Vayena
February 22 09.00 Research synthesis M Gülmezoglu 14.00 How to write a scientific paper J Khanna
10.15 The Cochrane Collaboration R Kulier
11.15 Systematic reviews of observational data A Betran
February 23 09.00 Basics concepts in genetic epidemiology M Merialdi 13.30 Sexual health group work A D Medico, N Recordon
10.45 Strategies for Data Analysis: Randomized Controlled Trials D Wojdyla 15.00 Sexual health group work B D Medico, N Recordon
February 24 09.00 The WHO Reproductive Health Library M Gülmezoglu 14.00 Gender, Women's Health, Human Rights E Kismodi
10.15 Strategies for Data Analysis: Cohort and Case-control Studies I Malonza
February 25 09.00 Introduction/Genetic consultation in OBGYN M Gersbach 14.00 Critical appraisal of research reports L Say
10.15 Genetic counselling: Principles and practice M Gersbach

Course: Sexual Health

Lectures will be held in room X 7

Date AM Topic Speaker PM Topic Speaker
Week 3            
February 28 09.00 Introduction to the three weeks’ course on sexual health: Sexology history in the XXth century W Pasini      
10.00 Construction of the sexual health paradigm A Martin-Hilber
11.00 Changing perspectives in sexual health research S Hawkes
March 01 9.00 Introduction to social science research methods K Kostrzewa 13.30 Group work D Medico, N Recordon
11.00 Introduction to qualitative methods K Kostrzewa
March 02 09.00 Research design options K Kostrzewa 13.00 Operations research for sexual health S Hawkes
10.30 Methods of data collection and analysis K Kostrzewa
March 03 09.00 Ethical and legal issues in sexual health research / "Putting Women First" Ethical and Safety recommendations for Research on Violence against Women J Cottingham, H Jansen 13.00 Group work on the projects A Martin-Hilber, H Jansen
11.00 Group work: Ethical considerations, precautionary measures and designing instruments J Cottingham, M Colombini, H Jansen
March 04 09.00 Sexuality for pleasure G Abraham      
11.00 Researching on sexuality for pleasure D Medico
Week 4            
March 07 10.15 Group work N Recordon, D Medico      
11.00 Studying sexuality and sexual health in older persons R Nissim
March 08 09.00 Focus group D Medico, N Recordon 14.00 Child sexual abuse: research priorities / The Relationship of Adverse Childhood Experiences to Adult Health Status A Phinney
11.00 Congenital syphilis N Broutet 15.30 Studying infections related to sexual health S Hawkes
March 09 09.00 Male contraception K Vogelsong 13.30 Group work D Medico, N Recordon
11.00 Microbicides Research and Development: State of the Art I Malonza
March 10 09.00 Challenges to measuring violence against women H Jansen 14.00 Studying sexual rights: what do we mean by sexual rights? Issues of stigma and discrimination. Barriers to overcome E Kismodi
11.30 Research in trafficking in women C Zimmermann
March 11 09.00 Studying adolescent sexuality and sexual health H Bathija      
  11.00 The Practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and its relation to sexuality A Fahmy
Week 5            
March 14 09.00 HIV-social mapping C Obermeyer      
11.00 Group work D Medico, N Recordon
March 15 9.00 Sexual function and dysfunction in men G De Boccard      
    Sexual function and dysfunction in men W Pasini
March 16 09.00 Sexual identity disorders R Porto      
  11.00 Introduction to qualitative analysis of in-depth interviews D Medico      
March 17 09.00 Research on child abuse: ethical and methodological aspects D Halpérin 14.00 Video conference: From public health to sexology / Sexology and Public Health: Introduction J Heiman
March 18 09.00 Female dyspareunia A Campana      
    Sexual function and dysfunction in women G Abraham
Week 6            
March 21, 22, 23   Exams