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Alula Teklu

Center for International Reproductive Health Training, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Alula Teklu

Alula Teklu, MD, MPH
Coordinator of M&E and Research, Center for International Reproductive Health Training, Ethiopia

I am trained as a medical doctor in Gondar, Ethiopia and have done my MPH at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Ethiopia. I have a 16+ years of experience working as medical practitioner, health programs manager and research administrator and facilitator. I am currently responsible for facilitating more than 22 research projects which are being done in 8 institutions.

I am the coordinator of M&E and research for an initiative called Center for International Reproductive Health Training. I am also the CEO of a consultancy firm that I established together with my colleagues called MERQ Consultancy services.

I am serving as a member of the national research advisory council on reproductive, maternal and child health, under the federal ministry of health of Ethiopia.


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