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Course weekly schedule / Sexual and reproductive rights - Course files

Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2016

Sexual and reproductive rights

Module coordinators: Karim Abawi, Jan Cumming

Sexual and reproductive health is an universal human right which is important to every individual throughout their lifespan. In order to achieve optimal sexual and reproductive health, people need to be conscious of their rights and means to assure their sexual and reproductive health.

There is a close relationship between sexual and reproductive health on the one hand and the legal,social and political system on the other.

Despite significant progress, many people around the world are deprived of their rights to sexual and reproductive health, many of them women and children and the vast majority of them living in low-income countries.

Legislation on sexual and reproductive health varies around the world and changes continuously. Providing information to medical professionals about the sexual and reproductive health legislation and its amendments is essential to assure the realisation of these rights.

Module objectives

  • Build capacities of health professionals to incorporate sexual and reproductive rights in their professional practice.
  • Increase knowledge on sexual and reproductive health and its links to gender equality among health professionals and reach the larger public through them.
  • Strengthen advocacy skills of health professionals to influence policy at local, national and international levels with regards to sexual and reproductive rights and gender equality.

Module duration

The module on sexual and reproductive rights is integrated with other specific modules.

Topics to cover in this module

Support documents

Within this module the participants have access to various WHO guidelines and reference documents covering a wide range of topics on sexual and reproductive health and rights.


The assignment for this module is optional.

The participants are asked to choose one of the following options:

  1. Write in a short text (max 5 pages) the situation in their country in terms of sexual and reproductive rights.
  2. Write a short text (max 5 pages) on a thematic area of their interest in the field of sexual and reproductive rights (Family planning, Abortion, Female genital mutilation, Violence against women, Rights of people living with HIV /AIDS, etc.).

We however encourage the participants to do this assignment, because an assignment that meets required criteria, will be published on Sexual and Reproductive Rights website with the name of participant as author and link to his/her personal page.