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Ayele Geleto Bali

Haramaya University, School of Public Health, Harar, Ethiopia

Ayele Geleto Bali

Ayele Geleto Bali, BSc in Public Health, MPH-HSM
Lecturer, Haramaya University, School of Public Health, Harar, Ethiopia

I was born on the 26th of September 1977 in Oromia region of Ethiopia. I obtained a bachelor degree in public health officer from university of Gondar, Ethiopia in 2007. And I graduated from Haramaya University with a post-graduate in master of public health in health service management in 2012/2013. I also received clinical training in basic emergency obstetrics and newborn care from Haramaya university, Ethiopia in 2014. I have served as the Head of Tikur Enchini health center in West Shewa zone, Oromia region from 2007 to 2009. Currently I am delivering public health courses for medical and health science students, conducting researches and provides community health services at Haramaya University. I have been delivering reproductive health and research methodology to the students and I conducted different reproductive health related researches and currently I have different publications.


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