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Benson Muyamba Alitili

Luwingu District Medical Office, Zambia

Benson Muyamba Alitili

Benson Muyamba Alitili, Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSc NRS), Certificate Zambia Registered Midwife (ZRM), Diploma in Nursing (RN), Certificate in Nursing (EN), Certificate CBT, Cert. PPH Mgt
Luwingu District Nursing Officer, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, Luwingu, Zambia

Mr. Alitili Muyamba Benson, (Bachelor of Science Nursing, Registered Midwife, Diploma nursing, Certificate in Nursing) is a Health Technical Officer with over 12 years working experience with the Ministry of Health in the Republic of Zambia. I am skilled and experienced to ably provide technical expertise and supervision in reproductive, maternal, newborn, child health and nutrition in children and adults, am trained in adolescent and adult HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, eMTCT (Option B+), I have experience in coordinating and establishment of reproductive health services and also coordination of universal child immunizations as a way of preventing immunizable child hood illnesses for children. In addition, I effectively mentor and supervise family planning activities in over 25 health institutions in the district. I constantly attend clinical meetings, seminars; screen patients and read materials related HIV/AIDS, Family planning, PMTCT, Malaria etc. The technical skills, updated knowledge and supervisory abilities have enabled me deliver the capacity building function of both health workers and community volunteers.

Currently, I’m working for the Ministry of health and am based at Luwingu District Medical Office coordinating all activities to do with Reproductive, Maternal Newborn Child Health and Nutrition. I provide technical assistance to over 25 facilities across the district.

English is my native language in Zambia and I speak over 10 Zambian Languages and I have travelled in most parts of Rural Zambia. This has enabled me to understand the burden I have in terms of reproductive health in Zambia. Therefore having this opportunity to study this sexual and reproductive health course will broaden my knowledge base.