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Christopher Vunni Draiko

Alliance Forum for Development (AFOD), Kampala, Uganda

Christopher Vunni Draiko

Christopher Vunni Draiko, DCN, BSc, MPH DrPH, PGD HIV/AIDS
Health Advisor. Alliance Forum for Development (AFOD) Uganda
Teaching Assistant, Victoria University, Kampala

My name is Christopher Vunni Draiko, a Ugandan born of May 17th 1974, I am current PhD student of Chulalongkorn University with major in Public health, Community and reproductive health, I am Public health graduate from International al Health Sciences University (IHSU) after studying Bachelor degree from Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST).

I have over 15 years’ experience in a number of International Nonprofit organization. I will proudly say that I am an experienced an experienced Public health specialist with great focused and work experienced in health service provision, health systems, capacity building and Training of health workers monitoring and evaluation , primary Health care, community and reproductive health I developed this experience while working with International nonprofit Organization (NGO) in different region of Africa where I accomplished a number of achievements related to improvement of health services and restoration of basic health services during emergency setting.

One striking achievement that I was recognized for was innovating community model in post conflict Liberia inn improving the utilization of maternal and child health services not withstanding working on restoration the health services after Ebola crisis in Republic of Liberia and building on resilient health services. My many years of working with International Nonprofit Organization has taken me through the countries of South Sudan, Uganda, Liberia, Kenya and South Africa.

My current work position is Health Advisor with Alliance Forum for Development (AFOD) Uganda and as well Part time lecture of Global health systems and Policies at Victoria University.

I am married to a lovely wife who gave me strong children to carry my legacy to the next generations. I hold various social positions and responsibilities in my careers. The greatest one was when I contested for the position of Member of Parliament to represent my people in February 2016. Despite losing the election, I managed to transform people thinking and impact positively on their live.

Currently, I am working on my PhD dissertation titled actions to help babies breathe at birth: training interventions to improve health workers competency and practices on helping babies breathe in tertiary hospital a quasi-experimental study design which will be published soon after completion.