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Clément Wilfried S. Zoungrana

WHO, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Clément Wilfried S. Zoungrana

Clément Wilfried S. Zoungrana, MD, Master International Health
RMNCH Lead Facilitator, WHO Burkina Faso
Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan scholarship

I was born on the 23th of November 1985 in Ouagadougou, I am holder of a state doctorate in Medicine. I had a long career in the humanitarian world with Médecins du Monde France, Médecins du Monde Spain, the Support Center in International Health. During this course I have gained expertise in the management of humanitarian projects and programs, specifically in the area of primary health care. Following this, I started a specialization in public health and I got my degree on November 26, 2015. Since December 2015 I am at the WHO as Lead Facilitator for RMNCH project. This is an important project implemented in collaboration with UNFPA, UNICEF and the Health Ministry. The objective of this project is to improve the health of the mother, newborn, child, youth and adolescents in four health regions of Burkina Faso.