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Dawa Dema

Damphu General Hospital, Tsirang, Bhutan

Dawa Dema

Dawa Dema, Midwife
Senior Health Assistant, In-charge of the Community Health Unit, Damphu General Hospital, Tsirang, Bhutan

I work as a Sr. Health Assistant and as in-charge of the community health unit (CHU) Damphu General Hospital under the Public Health Service, Ministry of Health, Thimphu. I have completed my 1-year diploma course in Midwifery from Asian Institute for Health Development(AIHD), Mahidol University, Thailand. I joined Damphu hospital in August 2014.

The major components of this community health unit are to provide sexual and reproductive health services to people of Bhutan. This demands skill and training to plan, manage and execution of sensitive health issues such as sexual and reproductive health.

The skill and knowledge gained from this course will be of great help to me and to my organization.