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Freddy Kabengele

FHI 360, Kasama, Zambia

Freddy Kabengele

Freddy Kabengele, MD
Senior Clinical Care Officer, FHI 360, Kasama, Zambia

Freddy Kabengele, 40 yrs. old, married and father of two. Completed my school of Medicine from University of Lubumbashi, DR Congo in 2004. Worked for almost two yrs. in Congo then moved to Zambia where i did my internship from 2008 to 2010 as Junior Resident Medical Officer. From 2010 to 2013, I worked as Senior Medical Officer and Medical officer in charge for a District Hospital. During this period, I had opportunity to train in HIV management, management of Obstetric Hemorrhage, Clinical mentorship, training in life support and many other trainings. I joined private sector in 2013 where I first worked with Mary Begg Community Clinic as Medical Practitioner for two yrs. then FHI360 as Senior Clinical Care, position that I currently occupy.