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Gedefaw Abeje Fekadu

Bahir Dar University, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Ethiopia

Gedefaw Abeje Fekadu

Gedefaw Abeje Fekadu, MPH/RH
Head of Department of Reproductive Health, Nutrition and Health Education, Bahir Dar University, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

I am Gedefaw Abeje Fekadu. I was born on 27 April 1984. I graduated from Hawassa University, Ethiopia with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2006 and obtained Master’s of Public Health in reproductive health from the University of Gondar, Ethiopia in 2010. I was head of the department of nursing in Madawalabu University, Ethiopia, from 2010 to 2011. On June 2011, I joined Bahir Dar University. I served as “research and community service coordinator” of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences of Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia from 2013 to December 2015. Starting from January 2016, I am working as head for the department of “reproductive health, nutrition and health education” in this college.

I am offering courses in introduction to reproductive health, family planning and adolescent health for Master’s of Public Health students. I am married and a father of two; 6 years old male and 5 months old female. I have the following publications.


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