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Gizework Kassahun Desalegn

Jimma Zone Health Office, Ethiopia

Gizework Kassahun Desalegn

Gizework Kassahun Desalegn, BSc in Public Health Officer, MPH/RH
Public Health Professional, Jimma Zone Health Office, Jimma, Ethiopia

My name is Gizework Kassahun Desalegn. I am a public health professional with reproductive health specialty working for Jimma Zone Health Office of Ethiopia, covering 153 health centers and 10 hospitals, for over 8 years. Working as clinical care provider and public health specialist, I have directed reproductive and sexual health program to provide quality service to most unprivileged society. I have actively participated in mobilizing the community for community based interventions.

It is a pleasure and an honor for me to work with you on sexual and reproductive health matters.