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Ifeoma Udigwe

Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, Nigeria

Ifeoma Udigwe

Ifeoma Udigwe, Public Health Physician (MB, BS, FWACP Community Medicine)
Community Health Consultant, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, Nigeria

I work as a community health consultant in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria. My place of work is in the Primary Health care section of the hospital and is situated in the rural part of the state where the main hospital is located. I work as a team with other consultants and resident doctors in my department (Community Medicine department).

At the Primary Health care center, we run HIV, Tuberculosis and outpatient clinics, which include maternal and child welfare clinics. We carry out preventive, curative and promotive activities on our clients. Those who need specialist care are referred out to the main tertiary center. As community health physicians, we also carry out outreaches to the surrounding communities, schools and relevant places to give health education, do some screenings, counseling and curative services. We use the generated data to carry out some research.

We also train resident doctors who want to be specialists in community health. We give them lectures, seminars and prepare them for examinations. I am currently the residency training coordinator in my center.

I have deep passion towards helping the youth to live healthy life styles and achieve their dreams. Hence, am currently coordinating the setting up of the adolescents/youth friendly health clinic in my center, the first in my state. This cannot be productive without collaborating with the State Ministry of health, the community, the youth and other relevant stakeholders in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the program for the youth. I need the relevant knowledge, skills or tools to be a good leader, carry out research and move the program forward.


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