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James Sylvester Squire

Kailahun District Health Management Team, Sierra Leone

James Sylvester Squire

James Sylvester Squire, MD, International Public Health Specialist
District Medical Officer, Kailahun District Health Management Team, Sierra Leone

I am a medical doctor with special interest in Public Health focusing on Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (RMNCH). My aim is to use my skills and knowledge to promote and secure global health through an effective and healthy collaboration with individuals, institutions and organizations with a shared vision

As Public Health Specialist with Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation, my responsibilities as District Medical Officer include;

  • Monitoring the health status of people in my district through review of scheduled reports, disease surveillance and the organization of special programs.
  • Investigation of all suspected health conditions or outbreaks in the district, diagnosing and managing appropriately.
  • Community education and empowerment.
  • Collaboration with other agencies (both government and private), chiefs and opinion leaders and the community at large to provide health services and promote health.
  • Actively participate in policy development and ensure the implementation of MOHS policies.
  • Ensure the availability of quality health care in the district.
  • Ensuring that there is a competent and well motivated health team.
  • Constantly evaluate the health system to ensure that we keep to changing trends and policies and also meeting the demands of the people we serve.
  • Carrying out research to ultimately improve on health care delivery and Public Health in general.

In specific areas I manage on daily basis include Disease Surveillance, EPI, Sexual, Reproductive and Child Health. Other areas include management of diseases of public health importance such as Malaria, HIV and Tuberculosis. As a matter of duty, I am for ensuring an effective and efficient Primary Health Care to the people through the Basic Package of Essential Health Services (BPEHS) initiative.


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