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Karen Yngvil Omdal Thorsen

Nyon, Switzerland

Karen Yngvil Omdal Thorsen

Karen Yngvil Omdal Thorsen, Master in Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nurse, Nyon, Switzerland

I took my degree in bachelor of Nursing in 2004 from Bergen University College. While I got my degree I got interested the mother/ child relation and got my main practice at a maternity unit in Kilimanjaro International Hospital in Tanzania. In 2004 I started working with lung patients at the Pulmonary Department at Stavanger University Hospital in Norway. The work involved helping and treating patients with chronic lung diseases at the unit and at the outpatient clinic. The same year I got married in Stavanger and lived there for three years. In 2007 we moved to Copenhagen in Denmark. I there started working at the unit for heart-and lung transplantations in The National Hospital in Copenhagen. The work involved guiding and treatment of children from 16 and adult with chronic lung-and heart diseases before and after transplantations. In April 2009 I got my first child Helene and the year after I got my son Christian in 2010. In 2010 we moved back to Norway and moved to Oslo. In September 2011 I started working at Oslo University Hospital at the Recovery Unit. There I work with children and adult after operations. I was also a contact for the small children and their families and a pain contact for the unit. While I worked in this hospital I took my master degree in Public Health Nurse in Oslo and Akershus College because I was interested to learn more about the relation about mother and children and what we can do different for them. My main project at the master degree was about vaccinations and who the public health nurse can meet parent who are hesitant to vaccinate their children. I started working as a public health nurse in January 2015 in a community health centre in Oslo. My work involved monitoring and control of children aged 0-6 years. It includes vaccination, health checkup, open health clinic and home visits. I really felt that I did something for the family I meet. In August 2015 my family and I moved to Nyon in Switzerland because my husband got a job in a company. My children go to the local school in Nyon. I have joined Hope for Babies organization and work in the Charity committee in the INWN. I look forward to learn new topic and meet new connects. I like also to travel and go the mountains with families and friends.