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Kellali Tsegay

Integrated Family Health Program (PI), Tigray Region, Ethiopia

Kellali Tsegay

Kellali Tsegay, RN, BSC, MPH
Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health Regional Program Officer, Integrated Family Health Program (PI), Tigray Region, Ethiopia

Mr. Kellali Tsegay was born on the 29th of April 1978. He graduated from the Mekelle School of Nursing in Ethiopia in 2001 with a Diploma of Nursing and obtained his BSc in nursing in 2010 from Sheba University College, School of Public Health. He graduated with a Master’s of Public health (MPH) in 2013 from Mekelle University School of Health Science. Mr. Kellali Tsegay held the position of Adolescent Reproductive Health Regional Program Officer with an NGO based in the Tigray region from 2009 and he is currently the AYRH Regional Program Officer of the Integrated Family Health Program funded by USAID in Tigray regional state, Ethiopia. Mr. Kellali Tsegay is a member of the Ethiopian public health association.