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Mark Ondieki

Bliss GVS Healthcare, Nairobi, Kenya

Mark Ondieki

Mark Ondieki, MD
Senior Medical Officer, Bliss GVS Healthcare, Nairobi, Kenya

Born in 1984 in Kenya, I joined Moi University in Eldoret for my undergraduate studies in medicine. I graduated in 2011 with MBCHB. I later on did two online courses from the University of Washington i.e. Leadership and Management in Health; and Clinical Management of HIV. I have also done online courses offered by GFMER.

I have worked for the national government of Kenya as an intern, as well as the count government of Kakamega, dealing mainly with injured and assault patients, including those due to gender-based violence as well as sexual assault. I have also worked in St. Mary’s Mission hospital Kenya where I was in charge of Pediatric and Maternal Health. My main area of focus was prevention of Mother-to-Child transmission of HIV (PMTCT).

I love travelling a lot. I do also enjoy reading and meeting new friends.