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Minalu Bezie

Debre Tabor University, Ethiopia

Minalu Bezie

Minalu Bezie, BSc, MSc in Maternity and Reproductive Health Fellow
Instructor, Debre Tabor University, Department of Midwifery, Faculty of Health Science, Ethiopia

In the last three years I have worked in Debre tabor health science college and Debre tabor University as an Instructor, including community service with health extension workers. I am young and happy being as an instructor then interested academician to do research as well as community service. Now I am MSc fellow in maternity and reproductive health at Mekelle University, Ethiopia. After completed my second degree fellowship, I will going to be an excellent professional on research in terms of maternal and child health to decrease morbidity and mortality of mother and child. Because of those are vulnerable groups for any disease due to their power of immunity therefor I would like to provide adequate service of health education in general ,family planning service and provide close communication with health extension workers in community. I am very glad to do research in health and health related issues especially maternal and child health.