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Muhammedawel Kaso

Arsi University, College of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health, Asella, Ethiopia

Muhammedawel Kaso

Muhammedawel Kaso, BSc in PH, MPH, Assistant Professor
Instructor, Arsi University, College of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health (PH), Oromia Region, Ethiopia

I was born in Arsi Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia on the 12th April 1985 and completed up to grade twelve on June, 2005. I was graduated by bachelor degree in public health from Haramaya University on July, 2008. After I have graduated by BSc in Public Health I was serving in Obora health center as head and physician for one year.

On 2009/2010 I worked in Madda Walabu university as assistant graduate-I and I was teaching different public health courses public health students, midwifery students and medicine students.

On June, 2012 I obtained my master by Master of Public Health (MPH) from Addis Ababa University. After I have returned back from my master program, I was serving as Madda Walabu University, College of Medicine and Health Sciences Academic vice dean, again also I have served from 2015 until I was transfer on 2016 to Arsi University as Madda Walabu University, College of Medicine and Health Sciences quality assurance coordinator. I did community services by giving training for the community members on harmful traditional practice, teaching and doing research and publication beside to the duties which were given for me by the university.

Now I am teaching in Arsi university, College of health Sciences, Department of public health different courses like Reproductive health, Health education, CDC, Population Development, Nutrition, Research Methods, Health ethics and public health law etc. for both post graduate public health and under graduate public health, Nursing, Midwifery and Medicine students.


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