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Patrick Makelele

FHI 360/ZPCT, Kasama, Zambia

Patrick Makelele

Patrick Makelele, MD, MPH, Advanced Certificate in Sexual Reproductive Health and Right
Provincial Technical Advisor, FHI 360 Zambia, Zambia Prevention Care and Treatment Project Northern and Muchinga Province, Kasama, Zambia

Patrick Makelele is a Medical Doctor with a Master degree in Public Health, advance certificate in sexual reproductive health and project management. He has 17 years of general medical practice, 10 years in management position with more than 15 years’ experience in HIV/AIDS and sexual reproductive Health related multidisciplinary interventions including prevention, care, treatment and support, Counseling Testing-CT, Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV- PMTCT, Adherence Counseling, male circumcision, Behavior Change Communication, Youth/Adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights, Gender Based intervention, OVC and Home based care, HIV/AIDS church and school programs, HIV/AIDS workplace services with innovative approaches which has made him unique.

He is currently serving as FHI360-Zambia Provincial Technical Advisor under the ZPCTIIB programme, where he is supervising four technical units headed each by a Senior Technical Officer in Clinical care-ART unit, PMTCT/CT unit, Monitoring /Evaluation and Strategic Information unit, Laboratory and pharmacy services unit. He is supervising HIV care of more than twenty thousand ART clients in both Muchinga and Northern province of Zambia.

His achievements range from being the initiator of ART, VCT and PMTCT services in public health services in Kitwe District as district as district clinical care expert in 2004-2005, being selected as E-Learning Zambia Site coordinator for Washington University in HIV clinical Management course in 2011 and Leadership and Management course in 2012 and 2014, being a founder member and former director of the Anti – STDs/AIDS Youth International (ASAYI) operating in Congo DRC, author of many educative materials in French in Congo DRC, author of many abstracts accepted for presentation in several national and international conferences, mentor of community and health care workers in ART and Adherence counseling and Trainer of Trainers. He has distinguished himself in initiation, and strengthening of HIV related services in the past 15 years working in partnership with Ministry of Health and other local stake holders in Zambia and Congo DRC. He has been author and co-author of scientific published papers, training manuals of adherence support worker produced, peer educators respectively by FHI Zambia, Zambia Ministry of Health and ASAYI, He had led the HIV/AIDS task forces: SIDA Forum in Lubumbashi Congo DRC and District Aids Task Force- DATF Kitwe Zambia. Among his unique HIV teaching methodology include Teaching HIV/AIDS/STI/Sexuality through Mathematics presented at ICASA1999 and World AIDS Conference in Barcelona in 2002 as well as Makframework (Makelele’s Frame work), an original approach in Adolescent HIV sexual reproductive and rights education. E.G.” Teaching HIV/AIDS, Sexuality, Gender through Mathematics”.

He has been a good negotiator in managing partnership with the ministry of Health. He has the ability to train trainers of health care workers and the community as well as conduct capacity and need assessment of HIV related services at community and health facility level. He has demonstrated managerial skills in solving problems under partnerships. In Zambia he has been working with the public health sector for 3 years under Kitwe Central Hospital and the District Health Board of the Ministry of Health. before getting employed under ZPCT, USAID funded projects with PEPFAR funding where he was leading the clinical care unit for five years before being promoted to the technical team leader position under ZPCTII for the past five years.

Before joining FHI/ZPCT, Dr Makelele served as manager clinical care expert at Kitwe District Health board, where he initiated VCT, PMTCT and ART services. He has managed to initiate sustainable HIV/AIDS including ART with Nutrition supplementation in a workplace programme under the private sector with Zambia National Breweries PLC as his achievement. He was also the Medical advisor and co-producer at the Zambia National Broadcasting under the “You and your health” TV and radio programme for two years where he provided preventive and promotional messages on HIV/AIDS and other common diseases. Dr Makelele speaks and writes fluent English, French, Swahili and Lingala and has extensively travelled throughout Congo DRC, Zambia, Africa and the World in general (Africa, America, Asia and Africa).


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