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Sewunet Abera Lema

CARE Ethiopia, Borena Zone, Oromia Region

Sewunet Abera Lema

Sewunet Abera Lema, BSc in Public Health Officer
Early Warning Officer, CARE Ethiopia, Borena Zone, Oromia Region

Sewunet Abera Lema is born on the 1st August, 1987. She graduated from University of Haramaya, Ethiopia in 2011 with Bachelor of Public Health and obtained Degree. She held the position of Early Warning Officer, CARE Ethiopia, Oromia Region, Borena Zone. (November 2016-till now).

She collects and analyzes Early warning system data (according to Ethiopian Early warning system) and provide communities timely and effective information that allows individuals exposed to hazards to take action to avoid or reduce their risk and prepare for effective response weekly and monthly.

Formerly she was actively involved in Health care activities in health center and Hospitals as well as she participated in different capacity building and survey program with different partners and technical support of health workers.