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Shadrack Kendagor

Unilever Tea Central Hospital, Kericho, Kenya

Shadrack Kendagor

Shadrack Kendagor, Clinical Officer
Clinical Officer, Unilever Tea Central Hospital, Kenya

I am a Kenyan aged 33 years old. I am a clinical officer with an higher diploma in anesthesia, currently working with Unilever tea Kenya. My interest is so much on sexuality, youth and reproductive health. I did my first diploma in the year 2003 to 2005 and graduated for the same. I did my higher diploma in anesthesia and graduated in 2010. I have worked in a mission hospital for the past 7 years and now in my current station for 3 years.

I have participated in the company cervical screening for about 2500 women and helped diagnose early cancer and have treated them appropriately.