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Solomon Hailemariam Tesfaye

Dilla University, Ethiopia

Solomon Hailemariam Tesfaye

Solomon Hailemariam Tesfaye, BSc, MPH in Epidemiology
Chief Academic and Research Director, College of Health Sciences and Medicine, Dilla University, Ethiopia

Mr. Solomon Hailemariam was born on 11th September, 1979 in Ethiopia. He graduated with Master of Public Health from Jimma University in 2010 and Bachelor of Science in Public health from Gondar University in 2004, and Diploma in public health nursing from Alemaya University in 1999. Currently He is working at Dilla University as chief academic and research director, supervising about 190 academic staff members. He is working as lecturer from March, 2011 until August, 2015 as assistant professor since September, 2015. Beside his managerial position Mr. Solomon is giving public health courses to health sciences and medicine students. From October 1999 up to 2008 he has been working as clinician and managerial in different rural health centers.


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