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Tendayi Punungwe

Voluntary Service Overseas, Manzini, Swaziland

Tendayi Punungwe

Tendayi Punungwe, MSc in Dev. Studies, BSc in Sociology and Gender Dev. Studies
Volunteer Public Health Specialist, VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas)

Tendayi Punungwe originates from Zimbabwe but is doing volunteer work in Swaziland. She graduated from the National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe with a Master of Science in Development Studies and has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology and development studies. She has worked as a socialist scientist for many clinical research studies in Zimbabwe.

She loves people and she likes to make people smile especially the vulnerable women and girls. Because she has done gender development studies, she also has interests in the impact of gender dynamics on the development arena. Her dream is to work with the women in prisons because she believes most women incarcerated would not be, if most structural to issues do with their environment are addressed.