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Tesfahun Chanie Eshetie

College of Health Sciences, Jimma University, Ethiopia

Tesfahun Chanie Eshetie

Tesfahun Chanie Eshetie, B.Pharm, MSc
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences, Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopia

My name is Tesfahun Chanie Eshetie, an Assistant Professor and Clinical Pharmacist, at College of Health Sciences, Jimma University, Ethiopia. I have practiced Pharmacy for over 9 years in academia and health systems where I was involved in providing lectures, delivering clinical pharmacy services and undertaking clinical research. I have worked at various capacities in School of Pharmacy, Jimma University including team leader for Clinical Pharmacy Unit, Research and Postgraduate Program coordinator.

In the recent health transformation plan, Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia has given utmost emphasis on reproductive health matters as the country is known for the high figure in maternal mortality. This requires a concerted effort of every health care worker in the country and beyond in order to improve maternal and reproductive health research, education and service. However, I believe pharmacists in Ethiopia, in comparison, have less involvement in maternal and reproductive health research, education, and services in general. One reason, as to my thoughts and understanding, could be pharmacists are less involved, both in the pre-service education and on job training, on sexual and reproductive health matters. We can see an important role for pharmacists in helping to improve MNCH services in the country. I have been involved in different discussions on how to fill the knowledge and skill gap of pharmacists to play a role in MNCH services. My involvement in this tailored training course will help to engage myself more in identifying sexual and reproductive health needs, as it applies to pharmacy practice, in investigating the challenges and prospects of pharmacists to play more role in sexual and reproductive health care and research in the country, and in education of future generation of pharmacists in sexual and reproductive health research and service.

It is therefore my pleasure to work with you regarding this very important agenda.