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Tesfaye Assebe Yadeta

College of Health and Medical Sciences, Haramaya University, Harar, Ethiopia

Tesfaye Assebe Yadeta

Tesfaye Assebe Yadeta, RN, RPsyN, BScN, MSc
PhD Student, Public Health Department, College of Health and Medical Sciences, Haramaya University, Ethiopia

I was born on the 28th of April 1978. I graduated from Nekemt Nursing School with a Diploma in Nursing, Bachelor of Nursing (BScN) is from Jima University. I also received higher diploma in psychiatry Nursing from Amanuel School of Psychiatry Nursing with higher diploma in 2001. My master’s Degree in Maternal and Reproductive Health Nursing is from Addis Ababa University School of Nursing and midwifery, Ethiopia in 2008/2009. I have served as Nursing Director of Shamboo Hospital in 1999/2000 and Head of psychiatry Nurse Department college of Health and Medical Science, Haramaya University in 2010/11. Currently I am PhD student on public health on track of maternal and newborn health and advice masters and undergraduate students on their research work. In partnership with CDC and other local NGO I provide training on reproductive Health issue for health professionals.

During my assignment in the university as instructor we developed Harmonizing midwifery curriculum at national level and expanded Maternal and Newborn program to masters level by developing curriculum.

I speak three languages.