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Wezzie Vanessa Mazizwa-Unyolo

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust, UK

Wezzie Vanessa Mazizwa-Unyolo

Wezzie Vanessa Mazizwa-Unyolo, MPH, BSc in Nursing, University Certificate in Midwifery
Theatre Nurse, Ophthalmology Department, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust, UK

Wezzie Vanessa Mazizwa-Unyolo is a registered nurse/midwife currently based in Northampton, UK. She is a Master of Public health graduand from University of Liverpool. She also graduated from University of Malawi (Kamuzu College of Nursing) in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Certificate in Midwifery in 2008. She is married and blessed with a 4 year daughter.

Her interests are in maternal and child health, Sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS.