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Worku Dugassa Girsha

Adama Hospital Medical College, Ethiopia

Worku Dugassa Girsha

Worku Dugassa Girsha, MPH, BSc in Environmental Health, Diploma in Sanitary Science
Lecturer, Adama Hospital Medical College, Ethiopia

Mr. Worku was born on Sep.11 1974 in Ethiopia. He graduated with general Master of Public Health from Addis Ababa University in 2011, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from Jimma University (2005) and Diploma in Sanitary Science from Jimma University (1997). He is certified in training of trainers in leadership and management skills, urban health extension professional training and Research methods, research ethics and grant writing. He is actively contributing as member of Ethiopian Public Health Association.

Worku has around two decade proven knowledge, skill and experience in different teaching colleges as college dean, public health department, lecturer and public health researcher in Ethiopia. Currently he is working as public health lecturer and researcher in Adama Hospital Medical College, Adama, Ethiopia.


  • Ministry of Health Ethiopia, Regional Health Bureau, Oromia