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Yusuf Mohammed Ahmed

Ethiopian Somali Regional State Health Bureau, Jijiga, Ethiopia

Yusuf Mohammed Ahmed

Yusuf Mohammed Ahmed, Diploma and BSc in MLT, MPH in Field Epidemiology
Public Health Emergency Management Officer, Ethiopian Somali Regional Health Bureau

I am Yusuf Mohammed Ahmed. I was born in Luchoo (Rakkobas) Masala, W/Hararghe Ethiopia in 1977. I received Diploma, BSc, & MPH degrees from GCMS, Jimma University, & Addis Ababa University in 1998, 2006, & 2012 respectively. I have been assigned in Somali Region & used to work in different health facilities & Jijiga Health Science College for more than 10 years. After I got my MPH in Field Epidemiology in 2012, I joined Ethiopian Somali Regional Health Bureau (PHEM) where still I am working. My areas of interests include Outbreak Investigation, Humanitarian Need Assessment, Surveillance Data Analysis, & attending Scientific Conference.

During working at Regional Health Bureau, I played important role in establishing of public health surveillance system, including Maternal Death Surveillance Responses. Providing important information like ANC coverage on weekly basis. Besides I am having special interest on research areas especially on diseases under surveillance and researches related to reproductive health.


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