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Training course in adolescent sexual and reproductive health 2020 - Tutors by country of residence of the participants

Sarah Kuponiyi

A Well-Informed Adolescent Initiative, Lagos, Nigeria

Sarah Kuponiyi

Sarah Kuponiyi, Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Professional
Founder and Executive Director of A Well-Informed Adolescent (AWA) Initiative, Lagos, Nigeria

Sarah Kuponiyi is an Adolescent Sexual Reproductive health professional as a Founder and Executive Director of A Well-Informed Adolescent (AWA) Initiative, Sarah leads the team in creating and managing Safe Spaces that ensure young people can achieve their potential by enabling them access to essential sexual reproductive and mental health education and services, quality formal and technical education and opportunities to create livelihood like skills acquisition and empowerment without being exposed to discrimination, harassment, emotional or physical harm. She also leads innovative school-based interventions on adolescents’ sexual reproductive health programs.

As a Beijing Eaglet (younger women advocate) for UN Women Nigeria, she uses her skills to advocate for upholding of human rights for sexual and reproductive health as the key to ensuring that women and girls can be equal and free to make decisions in all spheres of their lives, without discrimination, without violence or coercion, and with the assurance of their dignity upheld.

She also serves as a National Gender Youth Activist for UN Women HQ where she engages with other young people from different regions of the world on a Youth Journey in the Generation Equality campaign and contributes to the Generation Equality Forum which will take place in 2021. She is a 2019 nominee for 120 under 40 New Generation of Family Planning Leaders, recipient of Sustainable Solutions Africa 30 under 30 2019 and Cohort 15 participant for Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) RLC emerging Leaders Program West Africa.


"A woman/girl has explicit right to control all aspects of her health, in particular her own fertility. Recognizing this right is also recognizing human rights"