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Bouchra Assarag

Together for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Morocco

Bouchra Assarag

Dr. Bouchra Assarag, MD, MPH, PhD Public Health Science
President of NGO: Together for Sexual and Reproductive Health

Bouchra Assarag is a doctor, she is president of NGO: Association Ensemble pour la SSR (ESSR) “Together for SRH “. She is an active member of civil associations in the field of sexual and reproductive health, women's rights. She had a master's degree in public health from the National Institute of Health Administration (currently ENSP); she has a university degree in STI / HIV (Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Rabat). Bouchra has a PhD in public health, specializing in maternal health and quality improvement of maternal and neonatal care.

She participated and coordinated several studies (national study on the burden of HIV: children infected and affected by HIV, the abortion situation in Morocco 2017, and maternal and neonatal sepsis in collaboration with WHO Geneva (2018) and Coordinator of the research project on the barriers to access of HIV-positive women to SRH services in 2019. As a member of teaching staff, she coordinated several courses in sexual and reproductive health including the fight against violence against women and children. She is the Moroccan coordinator of the network of sexual and reproductive health in North and West Africa. She contributes to the planning and implementation of the SRH strategy in Morocco. With the Ministry of Health, she is the coordinator of the training module for PHC providers on SRH and migrant women and participated in the development of the training kit for healthcare providers on the fight against violence against women and children. She has several publications in the field in indexed international journals and member of the Editorial Board of several journals. Her research interests are SRH and access to quality and respectful health care for women and children. She was one of the graduates of the series of courses on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research in year 2021. She was being invited to take part in WHO-GFMER adolescent sexual and reproductive health course - Francophone adaptation project.


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