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GFMER Country Coordinators

Lela Shengelia

GFMER Coordinator for Georgia

Lela Shengelia

Lela Shengelia, MD, MPH
Head of the Division of Maternal and Child Health, National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia

I am Lela Shengelia. I am a medical doctor, gynaecologist and reproductive health specialist. Also, I am a Master in Public Health and a PhD in Public Health and Health Economics. Currently, I am working in the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia as a head of the Division of Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health. This division is responsible for maternal, child and adolescent health, reproductive health and rights national wide. As regards educational roles, I’m a tutor for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of biostatistics. From the research point of view, I’m involved in many aspects of research related to maternal, child and reproductive health. I was lucky enough to attend a respectable and comprehensive course around research methodology held in 2015 by GFMER. That course added much to my knowledge and allowed me to have sound research roles at my centre.

Country situation of sexual and reproductive health in Georgia

Future plans

  • Enrollment of candidates for different courses provided by GFMER.
  • Construction of a local network in Georgia devoted to GFMER, implementing research and education.

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