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GFMER Country Coordinators

Tazirwa Munthali Chipeta

GFMER Coordinator for Malawi

Tazirwa Munthali Chipeta

Tazirwa Munthali Chipeta, BScNM
Assistant Lecturer, Daeyang College of Nursing, Malawi
Master of Science Degree in Reproductive Health Student

Tazirwa Munthali Chipeta is a Malawian state registered nurse midwife. She is an assistant lecturer at Daeyang College of nursing at Daeyang University. Currently, she is doing her studies at Kamuzu College of Nursing pursuing a Master of Science degree in reproductive health, majoring policy and adolescent health.

Even though it has decreased in recent years, Malawi has one of the highest maternal mortality rates of 675/100 000 (MDHS 2010). In addition, Malawi also has the highest adolescent fertility rates in the region, with over 106,000 adolescent pregnancies every year. This contributes to high fertility and rapid population growth, since women are more likely to have many children throughout their lives when they start childbearing at a young age.

My areas of interest are policy formulation, cervical Cancer, and adolescent health in general. I have worked with many communities mainly on issues of reaching adolescents through parents and sensitization on cervical cancer screening and treatment.

Currently, I am working on my research proposal on factors that influence parents’ involvement in adolescent sexual and reproductive health.

My passion is to see more health workers being well empowered with up to date knowledge and skills in sexual and reproductive health. I would also like to assist in making sexual and reproductive health services and information available to all people even in hard to reach areas. In addition, I am very passionate about use of evidence based interventions in the health system. Therefore I intend to be conducting more research on issues related to sexual and reproductive health in Malawi.

Indicator Level
Maternal Mortality Ratio per 100,000 live births 675
Births attended by skilled health personnel (percent) 73
Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (percent) 42
Adolescent Fertility Rate (births per 1,000 women ages 15-19) 152
Antenatal care with health personnel (percent) 94.7
Total fertility rate 5.7
Current use of contraception (Modern method) 42.2
Current use of contraception (Any method) 46.3

Future plans or initiatives

  • This training program will be further introduced to allover of Malawi for encouraging the health providers in provinces and remote areas to join and use this learning opportunity.
  • A network of the course participants and course alumni will be created and facilitated.
  • An introductory workshop will be designed and conducted for course participants to help them utilize the course content in better way.