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The evidence-based management of Postpartum Haemorrhage

The second online training course in the field of maternal and perinatal health by OMPHI/GFMER
An interactive course for health professionals

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About the development of this course

The development of this course was motivated by the feedback received from health professionals participating in the first online training course by OMPHI/GFMER on pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, demanding for a similar course on post-partum haemorrhage.

The production of this course took place between April 2012 and June 2013. The course has been sponsored by the Maternal Health Task Force at the Harvard School of Public Health and the funding has been provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

How to get the most from the course

Thank you for taking this course. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful. We suggest you go through the modules in order. Follow the instructions on the screen and click all the relevant links so you do not miss out on anything!

In each module you will find key articles and documents if you click on the bibliography button.

If you have internet access, you can follow links to some relevant websites. However, these are not essential and you will get all the core information you need without internet access.

If you have completed the course and would like to take the knowledge assessment test, please click on the following link: The evidence-based management of Postpartum Haemorrhage - Knowledge assessment test.

All participants who correctly answer at least 15 of the 20 multiple choice questions are entitled to a course certificate jointly signed by the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the University of Oxford and GFMER.

When you have finished the course, please complete the feedback form. Thank you for taking the time to do this as it is vital to the development of the project that we gain your thoughts on the course.


See The evidence-based management of Postpartum Haemorrhage - Acknowledgment.