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The evidence-based management of Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia

An interactive course for health professionals (2022 update)

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The Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (GFMER), in collaboration with the Oxford Maternal & Perinatal Health Institute (OMPHI), launches the updated training course on Evidence-based Management of Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia, an interactive e-learning course for health professionals. The first edition of the course was launched in 2011 and translated into Spanish. A total of 3766 health professionals from 120 different countries completed and took the assessment test for the course and local training courses were held in five countries: Afghanistan, Ethiopia, India, Mexico and Nigeria. The course update was funded by OMPHI.

The inspiration for the development of the course came from a meeting organized by EngenderHealth and the University of Oxford in 2007 attended by groups and individuals interested in improving maternal health globally with the goal of ensuring that lack of knowledge should never be a reason for sub-optimal management of patients.

Since 2010, GFMER and OMPHI have been working together to produce e-learning materials in the field of maternal and perinatal health. They have already produced a series of online training courses, addressing topics from maternal infections to the implementation of INTERGROWTH-21st protocols, which have been disseminated to health professionals worldwide, through the joint efforts of collaborating partners.

Getting the most out of the course

The course is composed of 5 modules and we suggest you work through the modules in order. We have integrated several knowledge tests within each module to ensure interactive involvement from each participant. Follow the instructions on the screen and click all the relevant links so you do not miss out on any of the information!

In each module, you will find a link to key documents and articles in the reference sections.

The last part of the Course is the knowledge assessment “Final Quiz”, which you are invited to complete. The participants who correctly answer at least 80% of the multiple choice questions are entitled to a course certificate from the Nuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health at the University of Oxford and the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

Course contents

Module 1. What is pre-eclampsia, why does it develop and who is at risk?

Module 2. Clinical features, complications, diagnosis of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia

Module 3. Antenatal care (ANC)

Module 4. Management of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia

Module 5. Further management of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, COVID-19, and pre-eclampsia

Final Quiz

We estimate an average of 6 hours required to complete the course and knowledge assessment.

When you have finished the course, please complete the feedback form. This is vital to the development of the project as it allows us to provide for a better user experience.

Advisory group

  • Ana Langer, MD
    Director, Women and Health Initiative / Director, Maternal Health Task Force / Professor of the Practice of Public Health, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, US
  • José Villar, MD, MPH, MSc, FRCOG
    Professor of Perinatal Medicine, Nuffield Department of Women’s & Reproductive Health, John Radcliffe Hospital, University of Oxford, UK
  • Aldo Campana, MD
    Emeritus Professor, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva / Director, Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Switzerland

Editorial team

  • Dr Melaku Samuel, MD, MSc, PhD candidate (content update)
    Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Ethiopia
  • Raqibat Idris, MBBS, DO, MPH
    Project Manager, Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Switzerland
  • Adele Winsey, PhD
    Executive Manager INTERGROWTH-21st Secretariat, Nuffield Medical Fellow, Nuffield Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of Oxford, Level 3, Women's Centre John Radcliffe Hospital Headington, Oxford OX3 9DU, UK
  • Aris Papageorgiou, MRCOG
    Ass. Professor of Fetal medicine Nuffield Department of Women’s & Reproductive Health, Clinical research director, OMPHI, University of Oxford | John Radcliffe Hospital Women's Centre, Level 3 OX3 9DU, Oxford, UK


  • Daniel Oros, PhD
    Aragon Institute of Health Research, Obstetrics Department, Hospital Clínico Universitario Lozano Blesa Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain
  • Philippe Deruelle
    Faculté de médecine Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg

Access the course and the knowledge assessment test go to course