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9th Postgraduate Course for Training in Reproductive Medicine and Reproductive Biology 1999

Geneva WHO Collaborating Center in Human Reproduction

in collaboration with

WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research


Lectures Teachers
Reproductive Health in Developing Countries: Key Features and Key Issues J.M. Kasonde
Gender issues in reproductive health research J. Cottingham
Gender issues in reproductive health research (slide presentation) J. Cottingham
Reproductive health research at WHO (slide presentation) P. van Look
Biology and ethics: the paradoxes of the natural A. Mauron
Ethical aspects of gene therapy A. Mauron
Ethical aspects of reproductive health A. Mauron
Gametogenesis F. Urner
Oxytocin in reproductive biology E. Tribollet
Implantation I (slide presentation) P. Bischof
Implantation II (slide presentation) P. Bischof
The menstrual cycle (slide presentation) P. Bischof
Case-control studies (slide presentation) R. Kulier
Randomized controlled trials (slide presentation) M. Gülmezoglu
Strategies for data analysis (slide presentation) G. Piaggio
Barrier contraceptive methods P. Rowe
Immunocontraception (slide presentation) D. Griffin
Le contrôle de fertilité chez les adolescents (slide presentation) H. Bathija
Reproductive health and male contraception M.T. Mbizvo
Reproductive health in Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean H. Bathija
Reproductive health in African and the Eastern Mediterranean Regions of WHO (slide presentation) H. Bathija
Infertility and spontaneous abortion A. Campana
Management of tubal infertility G. de Candolle, J. Bouquet de Jolinière
Etiology of male infertility R.C. Martin-Du Pan
Semen analysis A. de Agostini, H. Lucas
Medical treatment of male infertility R.C. Martin-Du Pan
Surgical treatment of male infertility G.A. de Boccard
Surgical treatment of male infertility (slide presentation) G.A. de Boccard
Embryo development in vitro F. Urner, H. Lucas
Ectopic pregnancy (slide presentation) B. Held
Abnormal uterine bleeding (slide presentation) D. El-Mowafi
Diabetes and reproduction D. Rouiller
Menopause D. de Ziegler
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) D. de Ziegler
Cancer Screening Programmes: Basic Principles (slide presentation) S. Nazeer
Reproductive tract infections (slide presentation) S. Nazeer
Primary postpartum haemorrhage J.-C. Schellenberg
How to raise funds for a research project - Some hints E. Mathur