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11th Postgraduate Course for Training in Reproductive Medicine and Reproductive Biology

Geneva WHO Collaborating Center in Human Reproduction

in collaboration with

WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research


Lectures Teachers
Gender perspectives in reproductive health research J. Cottingham
Gender perspectives in reproductive health research (slide presentation) J. Cottingham
Ethics & informed consent in research (slide presentation) E. Vayena
Fertilization F. Urner
Fertilization (slide presentation) F. Urner
Oxytocin in reproductive biology E. Tribollet
Receptor type and second messengers (slide presentation) P. Bischof
Leptin and reproduction (slide presentation) F. Pralong
Puberty: Physiology J-M Dubuis
Puberty: Pathology J-M Dubuis
The menstrual cycle P. Mock
Chromosome pathology S. Dahoun
Genes implicated in sexual differentiation M. Neerman-Arbez
The Genetics Consultation in OB-GYN : Hereditary cancers (slide presentation) C. DeLozier-Blanchet
The genetics consultation in OB-GYN : Reproductive pathologies and prenatal diagnosis (slide presentation) C. DeLozier-Blanchet
Renal disease and pregnancy M.D. Lindheimer
Syndromic case management of RTIs (slide presentation) S. Nazeer
STI control as HIV prevention (slide presentation) A.C. Gerbase
Case-control studies (slide presentation) R. Kulier
Cohort studies (slide presentation) M. Merialdi
Randomized controlled trials (slide presentation) M. Gülmezoglu
Research protocol M. Boulvain
Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (slide presentation) T. Farley
Strategies for data analysis (slide presentation) G. Piaggio
Reproductive health research at WHO (slide presentation) P. van Look
Evidence-Based Medicine (slide presentation) M. Gülmezoglu
WHO Medical Eligibility Criteria (slide presentation) WHO
Injectable contraceptives for women C. d'Arcangues, R. Snow
Natural contraceptive methods K.M. Vogelsong
Natural contraceptive methods (slide presentation) K.M. Vogelsong
Male contraception K.M. Vogelsong
Male contraception (slide presentation) K.M. Vogelsong
Barrier contraceptive methods P. Rowe
Immunocontraception (slide presentation) D. Griffin
Distribution of IUDs users world wide (slide presentation) B. Kayser
Global situation of emergency contraception (slide presentation) H. von Hertzen
Sterilisation H.B. Peterson
Induced abortion (slide presentation) H. von Hertzen
Infertility and spontaneous abortion A. Campana
Ovarian stimulation (slide presentation) D. Chardonnens
Semen analysis (slide presentation) A. de Agostini
From birth control to reproductive health G. Benagiano
Surgical treatment of male infertility G.A. de Boccard
Surgical treatment of male infertility (slide presentation) G.A. de Boccard
Menopause G. Girardet , D. De Ziegler
Menopause (slide presentation) G. Girardet , D. De Ziegler
Preterm labour (slide presentation) M. Merialdi
The challenge of reducing maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity worldwide (slide presentation) M. Gülmezoglu
Safe Motherhood: lessons learned from 10 years’ experience (slide presentation) K. Pellicer
Prevention of neonatal infections (slide presentation) C. Stan
Screening (slide presentation) M. Merialdi
Cancer screening programs: basic principals (slide presentation) S. Nazeer
Determining cost-effectiveness of screening (slide presentation) S. Nazeer
Gestational trophoblastic disease D. Herbert