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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2017

Maternal and perinatal health

Module coordinators: José Villar, Charles-Henry Rochat

The objective of this module is to provide up-to-date information on maternal and perinatal health issues in order to improve the skills and knowledge of health professionals in this field.

The module also aims to strengthen the research capacity of health professionals, enabling them to provide maternal and perinatal health care that meets international standards.

The topics to be covered in this module:

Support documents

Within this module the participants have access to various WHO guidelines and reference documents covering a wide range of topics on maternal and perinatal health (see Maternal and perinatal health - Course files and Maternal and perinatal health - WHO documents).

Module validation

In order to validate the maternal ad perinatal health module the participants are required to complete e-learning modules (The evidence-based management of postpartum haemorrhage, Maternal infections, Intergrowth-21st and Obstetric fistula) and answer the knowledge assessment tests required for each e-learning module. The participants with required score to pass, will receive additional certificates for the successful completion of these modules, by the Oxford Maternal and Perinatal Health Institute, Harvard School of Public Health, Global Health Network and the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

Note: There is no paperwork assignment for this module.