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Alula Teklu

St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Alula Teklu

Alula Teklu, MD, MPH
Research Advisor, St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
CEO, MERQ Consultancy Services PLC

I am a medical doctor with MD from Addis Ababa University and MPH from Johns Hopkins University. I have worked at all levels of the health system in Ethiopia. I have worked as a medical practitioner, medical director, program manager and lead trainer.

I have served as a program director for one of the departments of a Johns Hopkins project where there were 8 projects with a total budget of more than 4.7 million USD per annum.

I have led the establishment of a multi-site clinical cohort that looked at the effectiveness of ART in Ethiopia by working with 7 local universities, 2 local offices and 2 international organizations.  As a continuation of this, I have worked with the Ethiopian Public Health Institute in finalizing 8 research undertakings – 6 of which have been published.

I have led various evaluations including mid term and end line evaluation of the MDSR program, evaluation of the chlorhexidine program, adherence education program, and assessment of 112 health facilities for initiation of hospital based residency program as well as various other assessments.

I have very good working relationships with 14 higher learning medical colleges and universities in Ethiopia. I also have good relationships with Options, Vital waves, Monash University and many local and international NGOs in Ethiopia. I am a member of the Research Advisory Counsel under the Federal Ministry of Health.

I have created a consultancy firm with my colleagues called “MERQ consultancy services PLC” MERQ is an acronym for Monitoring Evaluation Research and Quality Improvement. We work with or for institutions in all the above areas which range from establishing an M&E system, to study monitoring, to full blown research and QI initiatives.

I love working with research teams, running and writing children’s books.