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Baperman Siri

Health District of Garango, Ministry of Health, Burkina Faso

Baperman Siri

Baperman Siri, MD, MSc Nutrition and Food Science, MSc Environmental and Public Health
Physician, Health District of Garango, Ministry of Health, Burkina Faso

I was born on 15 December 1982 in Ouagadougou. I graduated as a medical doctor in September 2011 from the University of Ouaga I Pr Joseph Ki-Zerbo. I also hold a Master's degree in Nutrition and Food Science and a Master's Degree in Environmental and Public Health.

I started my career in humanitarian as a doctor referring with the Consortium Keeogo-ALIMA in the health district of Yako (Northern Region). Later I worked in the health district of Ouargaye where I took care of the maternity ward and also performing cesarean sections. Lastly, I was recruited by the Public Health Support Office (BASP'96) to take care of the coaching of the teams of the health facilities so that they improve their performance through the elaboration and the implementation of a plan to improve performance; I was responsible for monitoring and evaluating of these plans. Recently I took a course in research and evaluation in the USAID’s E4D program.

My experience and contact with rural communities has shown me that women do not decide and have little ability to do so with respect to their health and desire to have children, so I have become more interested in sexual and reproductive health. Adolescents are most often less integrated into sexual and reproductive health strategies. What to do? How to do better? How to capitalize? All of these questions led me to enroll in this course.