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Bina Shrestha

Population Services International, Lalitpur, Nepal

Bina Shrestha

Bina Shrestha, MBBS, MD-OB/GYN
Senior Clinical Service Manager, Population Services International/Nepal

I’ve obtained my MBBS from University of Science and Technology and MD from Zhengzhou University, China. I started my career as medical officer in obstetrics and gynecology department and continued as lecturer and surgeon in Medical College. From a decade I’ve served as consultant trainer, family planning advisor in INGO. I’ve stablished myself as a National level Family Planning trainer and contributed to develop/update national training materials on Reproductive Health including Family Planning. At present I’m with an INGO in Nepal which supports private practitioner both mid-level provider as well specialist to increase access for Family Planning and Safe abortion. During my off hours I do support free health camps in remote areas for hard to reach population.

I speak 5 languages and like traveling as well to try new food.