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Chipiwa Mugabe

Space for Marginalised Groups In Diversity In Zimbabwe Trust, Masvingo Province, Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Chipiwa Mugabe

Chipiwa Mugabe, Diploma in Development Studies
Executive Director, Space for Marginalised Groups In Diversity In Zimbabwe Trust, Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe
Société coopérative médicale de Beaulieu scholarship

I was born on the 3rd of July 1974. I have obtained various certificates in counselling with City anti aids, Connect and PSI on social work and diploma in Development Studies. I have trained other community trainer of trainers on different health issues with various organisations on leadership skills, how to address public health issues and interpersonal relationship and group dynamics, TB trainer of trainers at national level, human rights and advocacy since 2005 up to date. Between 2012-2015, I was a volunteer Gender and Advocacy officer at Batanai HIV and AIDS Service organisation where I did my first publication on a training manual called How to run a vibrant youth support group in 2013 which was overseen by ZNCWC child rights officer called Musavengana Chibwana. In 2014 we did a SADC research on the benefits of backyards nutritional gardens which was overseen by the Masvingo Provincial AIDS Coordinators from National AIDS Council and the four professors from Great Zimbabwe University namely Mr David Murwendo and Mr Chipato and the other student and a lecturer. I also did the ARASA funded programme which was a country programme on TB, HIV, Human Rights and Advocacy Training that commenced in 2014 December to May 2016 covering immunology, oncology, virology, facilitation, community mapping and how to detect advocacy issues and strategies to attack an opponent.

In between I was trained as a volunteer with the University of KwaZulu Natal on REPSSI programme trained to do Community Based Work with Children and Youth (2012-2014 June). I also served the nation on the coalition programme for ITPC, UNITAD&ARASA that caters for empowering activists to do demand creation on the health rights issues to expect the diagnostic machines x-rays, drug stock outs, viral load, new ARVs regimens and patient `s charter at health centres.

I also do media advocacy with MISA Zimbabwe representing health sector in their steering committee. In 2017 March-May I did online course with Coursera on Global Adolescents Sexual Reproductive Health Rights with the University of Melbourne.

In my organization, we encourage people to catch them young and do demand creation for PMTCT programmes, stick to the Start Free, Stay Free and AIDS Free to close the tap of HIV infection. In my previous organisation called: Space for marginalised Groups in Diversity in Zimbabwe Trust I worked with all marginalised, both infected and affected. I trained youth in schools and out of school on ASRH, life skills and livelihoods strategies skills, parent to child communication, peer education, prison fellowship and training the displaced. I represent key populations at national level on STAR FM radio outlining the challenges that we face and how we can manage to put the resilience source and the duty bearers to respect, protect and promote our activities as we are also human beings. During my implementation activities I did national OIC /ART community monitoring on drug shortages, and stock out, risk reduction and disaster management and investigated how people survive when their ART initiation sites were affected by hail storm or thunderstorm and floods. I also provide health education and human rights to LGBTIQQ community, sexworkers, truck drivers, cross borders and street children and refer them to access health delivery services.