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Fikir Alebachew Mengistu

Mekelle University, Ethiopia

Fikir Alebachew Mengistu

Fikir Alebachew Mengistu, BSc in Nursing, Diploma in Clinical Nursing
MSc Student in Pediatric and Child Health Nursing, Mekelle University, Ethiopia

I am Fikir Alebachew from Ethiopia; I am a student of MSc in pediatric and child health nursing at Mekelle University since September 2015. I have a BSc in Nursing from Wollo University since October 2013. I obtained a Diploma in Clinical Nursing from Dessie Health Science College in July 2008. After graduation I was assigned to the Amhara Region, North Wollo Zone, Raya Kobo health office, Gobye health Center in different roles as Clinical Nurse and Head of Health Center. I was successful in giving care and treatment to patients. From 23/04/2013 I joined the Dessie Health Science College as an instructor at the Nursing Department in Dessie Health Science College. Also I took many trainings which were very relevant to be successful in my work such as TOT of ICCM (integrated childhood case management), and basic computer skill training certificate, TB/HIV/AIDS Training Certificate, IMNCI Training Certificate, CT Training Certificate, Neonatal Resuscitation Training Certificate, and Comprehensive Family Planning.

I am a member of research committee in Dessie Health Science College. I am also a member of the Ethiopian Nursing Association, Red Cross and Ethiopian Family Guidance Association.


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