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George Kituku Kitheka

Center for Health Solutions, Tala, Kenya

George Kituku Kitheka

George Kituku Kitheka, BSN
Technical Advisor - HIV Prevention, Center for Health Solutions Kenya

I am 32 years old, born on 17th June 1984. I am a nurse registered with the Nursing Council of Kenya as a BSN - Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse, currently undertaking HIV prevention activities in Kenya, a developing country.

I have worked in HIV programming for a period of over 6 years in different aspects which include: HIV Testing and Counselling (HTC), Post Rape Care (PRC), Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and HIV treatment and adherence programs. Working in the Center for Health Solutions as an HIV prevention advisor, my responsibilities are coordinating and offering guidance, mentorship, and training to staff implementing HTC; PRC and GBV programs as well as participating in county and country policy formulation for HIV. This is with a focus to ensure the provision of quality services.

I am working in a developing country (Kenya) offering my expertise in HIV prevention. I have a keen interest in HIV prevention and sexual gender-based violence interventions at facility level among young girls and women.