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Innocent Deus

Marion Medical Mission, Tukuyu, Tanzania

Innocent Deus

Innocent Deus, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, MPH
Field Coordinator, Water and Sanitation, Marion Medical Mission, Tanzania

I am Innocent Deus born 1985 in Mwanza city, Tanzania. Since my childhood I have been dreaming to be part of few Public health practitioners who transform society and save more lives through advocacy and providing medical care. Due to the lack of science teachers in my secondary school, I couldn’t take the course I needed to pursue my dream. But I didn't give up. After my first degree I decided to rejuvenate my dream by doing Master in Public Health at Muhimbili University of Public Health which was sponsored by CDC. In my master studies, I was interested in reproductive health.

I have done a few presentations, at the University and also at the Tanzania Public Health Summit. My recent presentation was on the access of reproductive health information to special groups.

I speak two languages, Swahili and English.