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Jean Marie Lumbala Kazadi

Ministry of Health, Mohale's Hoek District, Lesotho

Jean Marie Lumbala Kazadi

Jean Marie Lumbala Kazadi, MBSS, MPH
Medical Doctor in charge of HIV/TB Care, Ministry of Health, Mohale's Hoek District, Lesotho
Société coopérative médicale de Beaulieu scholarship

I am a 37 years old male. I completed my medical school in the Democratic Republic of Congo at Université de Lubumbashi in 2006 and worked as a medical doctor in DRC at Vangu hospital for three years before moving to Lesotho in 2010. I have been working with HIV/TB patients and involved as well in the management of the district Berea/Lesotho (2012-2013). I have an MPH from the Texila American University (2016). I have been trained in the clinical management of HIV (Wits University, RSA, 2014).

Currently I am in charge of the Mohale's Hoek district in Lesotho regarding provision of HIV/TB care.